Decision to Degree Sessions

Each virtual program addresses a specific college success topic for either parents and/or students. Sessions are generally 30, 45, or 60 minutes and are included in each student package (if applicable) or can be purchased individually when offered for a fee.

FALL 2023 Sessions TBD

Check back early September 2023


What To Do When A Student Struggles in College (guest on “Test and the Rest: College Admissions Industry Podcast”)

Success in getting into college does not guarantee success in staying there, and persistence should be an active concern for students, parents, and institutions alike. I share advice on what to do when a student struggles in college.
What are five things you will learn in this episode?
1. How can you tell when a student who struggles at college needs help?
2. What can be done when a student struggles academically?
3. What can be done when a student struggles socially?
4. What can be done when a student struggles emotionally?
5. How can you assess in advance if a student might not be ready for college?
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Friday, January 6, 2023 (Webinar)

College Readiness…Beyond Academics (featured on Cyndy McDonald’s “Friday Forum”)

Handouts available (1) & (2)
Do you have a student headed off to college next fall? Ensuring that students have the self-awareness and interpersonal skills to maintain their well-being, take advantage of an overwhelming number of opportunities, and address challenges is increasingly important. This session will highlight aspects of being“college ready” beyond academics, provide ideas for how to support students, and discuss key resources available at most institutions to help students thrive from decision to degree.
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September 29, 2022 (Webinar)

Supporting Your Student’s 21st Century College Journey (sponsored by Cornell University’s Work/Life Program)

Handout available.
Whether starting their first semester, returning after the summer break, or resuming their studies after taking some time off, you may be wondering how you can best support your student on their college journey. Above and beyond the impact of the pandemic on the college experience, a lot has changed in higher education in the last couple of decades. This session highlights some of those changes, challenges today’s college students experience, key resources available at most institutions and ideas for how you can both support your student and foster their independence are shared.

Future topics:

  • transitioning from high school to college
  • the relationship between major and career
  • preparing for medical school
  • applying the student-athlete mindset to academics
  • and more!

What People Say

We feel so lucky

Your style, ethos, goals and bottom-line desire to help these young people is all perfectly aligned with how we’ve approached our kids’ upbringing. We feel so lucky to be matched with you. This is all in addition to the demonstrable and admirable progress/results shown with X. over the past semester. Looking back, we all will credit you being there and helping him support himself during a very vulnerable time in his life. We look forward to continuing to watch you work and do your magic over the coming semesters.


As a parent it is a very hard balance to know when to intervene

Once again I am so grateful to you for making a connection with S. As a parent it is a very hard balance to know when to intervene as these young people are growing into mature adults.  As the semester progressed there were signs of concern. No one in his environment recognized this except you. I am happy that he is getting support and looking to the future. I certainly appreciate all you did for our family.


You have truly been a guiding star

As this year comes to a close, we are grateful for all the good counsel you have provided. You have put your personal touch in the large university setting, and it has made all the difference. Thank you for your constant, tremendous support of A, which has meant so much to all of us. My husband and I want to thank you for all everything you have done to support A. We are so grateful that you have been there 100% for all of us. You have truly been a guiding star.


I’ve become happier, more social, calm, and I even concentrate better; my grades have gone up

It’s been a while since we last met. I have been great! I would like to let you know that I am finally calm, relaxed, and stress free. Counseling has helped me tremendously! I finally learned how to better manage time in order to give myself hours to study, but also enough hours to dedicate to myself. It’s amazing what a few slots of total relaxation can do! I’ve become happier, more social, calm, and I even concentrate better; my grades have gone up 🙂 Thank you so much again for referring me to counseling, I really do appreciate it. 


Instrumental in our journey

Every weekend I make a list of folks I am thankful for, then during the week I let them know. I am so thankful for all the assistance you have given J and our family. It means so much to us for J to attend and graduate Cornell. You have been instrumental in our journey at Cornell, for this we will always thank you.


A major weight lifted off his shoulders

THANK YOU!!  Thank you!!  The meeting with J went rather well and he seemed to leave Stimson Hall with a major weight lifted off his young shoulders. That wouldn’t have happened without your knowledge, guidance and always being just a phone call or email away. You are super!


We can’t thank you enough

I dropped by your office yesterday and left a Thank You poster from our team. It is both a thank you from myself and A, as well as from the whole FSAE team. We can’t thank you enough for all you have done for us between January and the end of the semester. Your guidance and help gave us the support we needed in a pretty difficult time, and we truly appreciate all of the effort and time you put in. For meeting with us at the last minute and answering our silly questions, you really went out of your way to keep everything together.


Thank you for all the encouragement

Thank you Beth! I was just looking at some old e-mails a few days ago and saw one from you from early last Spring semester with links to the Nepal Program and encouragement to follow my heart. Thank you so much for all the encouragement, reassurance, and support you gave me during the Spring – it was a very challenging time for me and I’m not sure I would be here in Nepal otherwise!


Beth’s advising made a huge difference

K came from a small all girls high school, well prepared, but certainly not advanced, and came with a great interest in creating her own major.  K tells me she has received excellent advice from Beth regarding enrollment in classes, navigating Cornell and getting the most out of her academic experience. While we, as parents and students, are all looking for “meaningful connections” and experiences it was a bit overwhelming. As “consumers”, we may all think we know what we want, but we don’t always really know what’s in our best interest!

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