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First Year “Pre-meds”…This One’s For You!

Being “Pre-med” Jeremy was proud and confident when he shared that he was “pre-med” on his college applications as well as on social media posts and discussion boards as he applied and transitioned to college. After all, biology was his favorite class in high school, he liked being helpful, and wanted to make a difference…

First Year of College is Not Grade 13

I don’t know about you, but I find myself asking “Where has the summer gone?” even though it is only the second week of August. For those familiar with the cadence of higher education, mid-August means the start of the fall term for many colleges and universities. Toward that end, this post focuses on a…

Parents: Empower Your College Student to Use Campus Resources and Services

As a parent, you probably are aware that a world of possibilities awaits your college-bound child. While it’s understandable that parents emphasize the importance of students embracing and making the most of opportunities, it’s equally important for students to understand that becoming more independent does not mean “going it alone.” In fact, a current theme…

Aim to Be Competitive and Compelling

Summer is often a time when college students seek opportunities to complement their coursework and strengthen their resumes. Some will participate in internships, research, or employment, while others may volunteer. Regardless of whether a student aspires to go to professional school (e.g., medical, dental, or vet), graduate school (e.g., MS, MA, MFA or PhD) or…


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